function drush_load_config

8.0.x drush_load_config($context)
6.x drush_load_config($context)
7.x drush_load_config($context)
3.x drush_load_config($context)
4.x drush_load_config($context)
5.x drush_load_config($context)
master drush_load_config($context)

Load drushrc files (if available) from several possible locations.

3 calls to drush_load_config()
_drush_bootstrap_do_drupal_site in includes/
Called by _drush_bootstrap_drupal_site to do the main work of the drush drupal site bootstrap.
_drush_bootstrap_drupal_root in includes/
Bootstrap Drush with a valid Drupal Directory.
_drush_bootstrap_drush in includes/
Initial Drush bootstrap phase.


includes/, line 133
The Drush context API implementation.


function drush_load_config($context) {
  drush_load_config_file($context, _drush_config_file($context));