function drush_set_arguments

8.0.x drush_set_arguments($arguments)
6.x drush_set_arguments($arguments)
7.x drush_set_arguments($arguments)
3.x drush_set_arguments($arguments)
4.x drush_set_arguments($arguments)
5.x drush_set_arguments($arguments)
master drush_set_arguments($arguments)

Set the arguments passed to the drush.php script.

This function will set the 'arguments' context of the current running script.

When initially called by drush_parse_args, the entire list of arguments will be populated. Once the command is dispatched, this will be set to only the remaining arguments to the command (i.e. the command name is removed).


arguments: Command line arguments, as an array.

3 calls to drush_set_arguments()
drush_parse_args in includes/
Parse console arguments.
drush_shift in includes/
Pop an argument off of drush's argument list
drush_sitealias_check_arg in includes/
Check to see if the first command-line arg or the -l option is a site alias; if it is, copy its record values to the 'alias' context.


includes/, line 325
The Drush context API implementation.


function drush_set_arguments($arguments) {
  drush_set_context('arguments', $arguments);