function drush_set_context

8.0.x drush_set_context($context, $value)
6.x drush_set_context($context, $value)
7.x drush_set_context($context, $value)
3.x drush_set_context($context, $value)
4.x drush_set_context($context, $value)
5.x drush_set_context($context, $value)
master drush_set_context($context, $value)

Set a specific context.


context: Any of the default defined contexts.

value: The value to store in the context

Return value

An associative array of the settings specified in the request context.

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includes/, line 250
The Drush context API implementation.


function drush_set_context($context, $value) {
  $cache = &drush_get_context($context);
  $cache = $value;
  return $value;