function drush_db_result

8.0.x drush_db_result($result)
6.x drush_db_result($result)
7.x drush_db_result($result)
3.x drush_db_result($result)
4.x drush_db_result($result)
5.x drush_db_result($result)
master drush_db_result($result)

A db_result() that works consistently for any version of Drupal.


A Database result object.:

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includes/, line 172
Wrappers to abstract database operations from Drupal version.


function drush_db_result($result) {
  switch (drush_drupal_major_version()) {
    case 6:
      return db_result($result);
    case 7:
      return $result->fetchField();