function drush_drupal_cache_clear_all

8.0.x drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
6.x drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
7.x drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
3.x drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
4.x drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
5.x drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
master drush_drupal_cache_clear_all()
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1 string reference to 'drush_drupal_cache_clear_all'
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includes/, line 50
Utility functions related to Drupal.


function drush_drupal_cache_clear_all() {
  if (drush_drupal_major_version() >= 8) {
    drush_invoke_process('@self', 'cache-rebuild');
  else {
    drush_invoke_process('@self', 'cache-clear', array('all'));