function drush_find_profiles

8.0.x drush_find_profiles($drupal_root, $key = 'name')
6.x drush_find_profiles($drupal_root, $key = 'name')
7.x drush_find_profiles($drupal_root, $key = 'name')
5.x drush_find_profiles($drupal_root, $key = 'name')
master drush_find_profiles($drupal_root, $key = 'name')
2 calls to drush_find_profiles()
core_site_install_complete in commands/core/
Command argument complete callback.
drush_pm_extensions_in_project in commands/pm/
Print out all extensions (modules/themes/profiles) found in specified project.


includes/, line 141
Utility functions related to Drupal.


function drush_find_profiles($drupal_root, $key = 'name') {
  return drush_scan_directory($drupal_root . '/profiles', "/.*\.profile$/", array('.', '..', 'CVS', 'tests'), 0, 2, $key);