function _drush_download_file

8.0.x _drush_download_file($url, $destination, $overwrite = TRUE)
6.x _drush_download_file($url, $destination, $overwrite = TRUE)
7.x _drush_download_file($url, $destination, $overwrite = TRUE)
4.x _drush_download_file($url, $destination = FALSE, $overwrite = TRUE)
5.x _drush_download_file($url, $destination, $overwrite = TRUE)
master _drush_download_file($url, $destination, $overwrite = TRUE)

Download a file using wget, curl or file_get_contents. Does not use download cache.


string $url: The url of the file to download.

string $destination: The name of the file to be saved, which may include the full path. Optional, if omitted the filename will be extracted from the url and the file downloaded to the current working directory (Drupal root if bootstrapped).

boolean $overwrite: Overwrite any file thats already at the destination.

Return value

string The path to the downloaded file, or FALSE if the file could not be downloaded.

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includes/, line 1523
The drush API implementation and helpers.


function _drush_download_file($url, $destination = FALSE, $overwrite = TRUE) {
  if (!$destination) {
    $destination = getcwd() . '/' . basename($url);

  $destination_tmp = drush_tempnam('download_file');
  drush_shell_exec("wget -q --timeout=30 -O %s %s", $destination_tmp, $url);
  if (!drush_file_not_empty($destination_tmp)) {
    drush_shell_exec("curl -s -L --connect-timeout 30 -o %s %s", $destination_tmp, $url);
  if (!drush_file_not_empty($destination_tmp) && $file = @file_get_contents($url)) {
    @file_put_contents($destination_tmp, $file);
  if (!drush_file_not_empty($destination_tmp)) {
    // Download failed.
    return FALSE;

  drush_move_dir($destination_tmp, $destination, $overwrite);
  return $destination;