function _drush_shell_exec_output_set

8.0.x _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)
6.x _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)
7.x _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)
3.x _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)
4.x _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)
5.x _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)
master _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE)

Stores output for the most recent shell command. This should only be run from drush_shell_exec().


$output: The output of the most recent shell command. If this is not set the stored value will be returned.

2 calls to _drush_shell_exec_output_set()
drush_shell_exec in includes/
Executes a shell command. Output is only printed if in verbose mode. Output is stored and can be retrieved using drush_shell_exec_output(). If in simulation mode, no action is taken.
drush_shell_exec_output in includes/
Returns the output of the most recent shell command as an array of lines.


includes/, line 780
The drush API implementation and helpers.


function _drush_shell_exec_output_set($output = FALSE) {
  static $stored_output;
  if ($output === FALSE) {
    return $stored_output;
  $stored_output = $output;