6 calls to _convert_csv_to_array()

drush_role_add_perm in commands/core/role.drush.inc
Add one or more permission(s) to the specified role.
drush_role_remove_perm in commands/core/role.drush.inc
Remove permission(s) from the specified role.
pm_parse_arguments in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Sanitize user provided arguments to several pm commands.
UserList::getFromOptions in lib/Drush/User/UserList.php
UserList::getFromParameters in lib/Drush/User/UserList.php
Given a comma-separated list of inputs, return accounts for users that match by uid,name or email address.
_make_is_override_allowed in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Check if makefile overrides are allowed