9 calls to drush_die()

drush_core_rsync in commands/core/rsync.core.inc
Entrypoint for drush rsync.
drush_do_multiple_command in includes/drush.inc
Used by functions that operate on lists of sites, moving information from the source to the destination. Currenlty this includes 'drush rsync' and 'drush sql sync'.
drush_remote_command in includes/drush.inc
Process commands that are executed on a remote drush instance.
pm_update_packages in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Update packages according to an array of releases, following interactive confirmation from the user.
update_main in commands/core/drupal/update_6.inc
update_main in commands/core/drupal/update_5.inc
update_main in commands/core/drupal/update_7.inc
_drush_sql_sync in commands/sql/sync.sql.inc
_pm_update_core in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Update drupal core, following interactive confirmation from the user.