7 calls to drush_download_file()

drush_hook_pre_pm_enable in docs/drush.api.php
Automatically download project dependencies at pm-enable time. Use a pre-pm_enable hook to download before your module is enabled, or a post-pm_enable hook (drush_hook_post_pm_enable) to run after your module is enabled.
drush_lib_fetch in includes/drush.inc
Download and extract a tarball to the lib directory.
drush_xkcd_display in examples/xkcd.drush.inc
Retrieve and display a table of metadata for an XKCD cartoon, then retrieve and display the cartoon using a specified image viewer.
package_handler_download_project in commands/pm/package_handler/wget.inc
Download a project.
release_info_print_releasenotes in commands/pm/release_info/updatexml.inc
Prints release notes for given projects.
updatexml_get_release_history_xml in commands/pm/release_info/updatexml.inc
Download the release history xml for the specified request.
_make_download_file in commands/make/make.download.inc
Wrapper to drush_download_file().