function drush_delete_dir

8.0.x drush_delete_dir($dir, $force = FALSE, $follow_symlinks = FALSE)
6.x drush_delete_dir($dir, $force = FALSE, $follow_symlinks = FALSE)
7.x drush_delete_dir($dir, $force = FALSE, $follow_symlinks = FALSE)
3.x drush_delete_dir($dir)
4.x drush_delete_dir($dir)
5.x drush_delete_dir($dir, $force = FALSE, $follow_symlinks = FALSE)
master drush_delete_dir($dir, $force = FALSE, $follow_symlinks = FALSE)

Deletes the provided file or folder and everything inside it.


$dir: The directory to delete

Return value

FALSE on failure, TRUE if everything was deleted

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includes/, line 1625
The drush API implementation and helpers.


function drush_delete_dir($dir) {
  if (!file_exists($dir)) {
    return TRUE;
  if (!is_dir($dir)) {
    return unlink($dir);
  foreach (scandir($dir) as $item) {
    if ($item == '.' || $item == '..') {
    if (!drush_delete_dir($dir . '/' . $item)) {
      return FALSE;
  return rmdir($dir);