function drush_memory_limit

8.0.x drush_memory_limit()
6.x drush_memory_limit()
7.x drush_memory_limit()
3.x drush_memory_limit()
4.x drush_memory_limit()
5.x drush_memory_limit()
master drush_memory_limit()

Get the PHP memory_limit value in bytes.

2 calls to drush_memory_limit()
_drush_batch_worker in commands/core/drupal/
Process batch operations
_drush_postmortem in includes/
Evalute the environment after an abnormal termination and see if we can determine any configuration settings that the user might want to adjust.


includes/, line 1659
The drush API implementation and helpers.


function drush_memory_limit() {
  $value = trim(ini_get('memory_limit'));
  $last = strtolower($value[strlen($value) -1]);
  switch ($last) {
    case 'g':
      $value *= DRUSH_KILOBYTE;
    case 'm':
      $value *= DRUSH_KILOBYTE;
    case 'k':
      $value *= DRUSH_KILOBYTE;

  return $value;