Functions to execute commands.

  1. 8.0.x includes/ commandwrappers
  2. 6.x includes/ commandwrappers
  3. 7.x includes/ commandwrappers
  4. 4.x includes/ commandwrappers
  5. 5.x includes/ commandwrappers
  6. master includes/ commandwrappers


Namesort descending Location Description
drush_download_file includes/ Download a file using wget, curl or file_get_contents, or via download cache.
drush_escapeshellarg includes/ Platform-independent version of escapeshellarg(). This only works for local commands. TODO: Make a unified drush_escapeshellarg that works on Linux and Windows.
drush_is_windows includes/ Check if the operating system is Windows.
drush_op includes/ Calls a given function, passing through all arguments unchanged.
drush_op_system includes/ Calls 'system()' function, passing through all arguments unchanged.
drush_os includes/ Determine the appropriate os value for the specified site record
drush_shell_cd_and_exec includes/ Executes a shell command at a new working directory. The old cwd is restored on exit.
drush_shell_exec includes/ Executes a shell command. Output is only printed if in verbose mode. Output is stored and can be retrieved using drush_shell_exec_output(). If in simulation mode, no action is taken.
drush_shell_exec_interactive includes/ Executes a command in interactive mode.
drush_shell_exec_output includes/ Returns the output of the most recent shell command as an array of lines.
drush_tarball_extract includes/ Extract a tarball.
_drush_download_file includes/ Download a file using wget, curl or file_get_contents. Does not use download cache.
_drush_escapeshellarg_windows includes/ Windows version of escapeshellarg().
_drush_shell_exec includes/ Internal function: executes a shell command on the local machine. This function should not be used in instances where ssh is utilized to execute a command remotely; otherwise, remote operations would fail if executed from a Windows machine to a…
_drush_shell_exec_output_set includes/ Stores output for the most recent shell command. This should only be run from drush_shell_exec().


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The drush API implementation and helpers.