Get input from the user.

  1. 8.0.x includes/ userinput
  2. 6.x includes/ userinput
  3. 7.x includes/ userinput
  4. 4.x includes/ userinput
  5. 5.x includes/ userinput
  6. master includes/ userinput


Namesort descending Location Description
drush_choice includes/ Ask the user to select an item from a list. From a provided associative array, drush_choice will display all of the questions, numbered from 1 to N, and return the item the user selected. "0" is always cancel; entering a blank line is also…
drush_choice_multiple includes/ Ask the user to select multiple items from a list. This is a wrapper around drush_choice, that repeats the selection process, allowing users to toggle a number of items in a list. The number of values that can be constrained by both min and max: the…
drush_confirm includes/ Asks the user a basic yes/no question.
drush_prompt includes/ Prompt the user for input


includes/, line 378
The drush API implementation and helpers.