function drush_engine_add_help_topics

8.0.x drush_engine_add_help_topics(&$command)
6.x drush_engine_add_help_topics(&$command)
7.x drush_engine_add_help_topics(&$command)
master drush_engine_add_help_topics(&$command)

Add engine topics to the command topics, if any.

1 call to drush_engine_add_help_topics()
drush_print_help in commands/core/
Print the help for a single command to the screen.


includes/, line 556
The drush engines API implementation and helpers.


function drush_engine_add_help_topics(&$command) {
  $engine_types = drush_get_engine_types_info();
  foreach ($command['engines'] as $engine_type => $config) {
    $info = $engine_types[$engine_type];
    if (isset($info['topics'])) {
      $command['topics'] = array_merge($command['topics'], $info['topics']);
    if (isset($info['topic'])) {
      $command['topics'][] = $info['topic'];