function drush_get_engine_types_info

8.0.x drush_get_engine_types_info()
6.x drush_get_engine_types_info()
7.x drush_get_engine_types_info()
5.x drush_get_engine_types_info()
master drush_get_engine_types_info()

Obtain all engine types info and normalize with defaults.

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4 calls to drush_get_engine_types_info()
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Add engine topics to the command topics, if any.
drush_get_engines in includes/
Return a structured array of engines of a specific type.
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Take a look at all of the available engines, and create topic commands for each one that declares a topic.
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Add command structure info from each engine type back into the command.


includes/, line 13
The drush engines API implementation and helpers.


function drush_get_engine_types_info() {
  $info = drush_command_invoke_all('drush_engine_type_info');
  foreach ($info as $type => $data) {
    $info[$type] += array(
      'description' => '',
      'option' => FALSE,
      'default' => NULL,
      'options' => array(),
      'sub-options' => array(),
      'config-aliases' => array(),
      'add-options-to-command' => FALSE,
      'combine-help' => FALSE,

  return $info;