function _drush_postmortem

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Evalute the environment after an abnormal termination and see if we can determine any configuration settings that the user might want to adjust.

1 call to _drush_postmortem()
drush_shutdown in includes/
Shutdown function for use while Drush and Drupal are bootstrapping and to return any registered errors.


includes/, line 69
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function _drush_postmortem() {
  // Make sure that the memory limit has been bumped up from the minimum default value of 32M.
  $php_memory_limit = drush_memory_limit();
  if (($php_memory_limit > 0) && ($php_memory_limit <= 32 * DRUSH_KILOBYTE * DRUSH_KILOBYTE)) {
    drush_set_error('DRUSH_MEMORY_LIMIT', dt('Your memory limit is set to !memory_limit; Drush needs as much memory to run as Drupal.  !php_ini_msg', array('!memory_limit' => $php_memory_limit / (DRUSH_KILOBYTE * DRUSH_KILOBYTE) . 'M', '!php_ini_msg' => _drush_php_ini_loaded_file_message())));