6 calls to drush_cwd()

drush_core_php_script in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Command callback. Runs "naked" php scripts and drush "shebang" scripts ("#!/usr/bin/env drush").
drush_find_tmp in includes/drush.inc
Returns the path to a temporary directory.
drush_locate_root in includes/environment.inc
Exhaustive depth-first search to try and locate the Drupal root directory. This makes it possible to run drush from a subdirectory of the drupal root.
drush_site_path in includes/environment.inc
Like Drupal conf_path, but searching from beneath. Allows proper site uri detection in site sub-directories.
pm_dl_destination in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Returns the best destination for a particular download type we can find.
_drush_bootstrap_drush in includes/environment.inc
Initial Drush bootstrap phase.