function drush_environment_lib

6.x drush_environment_lib()
5.x drush_environment_lib()
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_drush_bootstrap_drush_validate in includes/
Validate that Drush is running in a suitable environment.


includes/, line 122
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_environment_lib() {
  $lib = drush_get_option('lib', DRUSH_BASE_PATH . '/lib');
  // We tell drush_mkdir that $lib is not required, because otherwise it
  // will throw an error if the folder exists but is not writable.  It
  // is okay with us if the $lib dir is not writable by the current
  // user, as it may have already been set up by the user who installed Drush.
  drush_mkdir($lib, FALSE);
  if (!is_dir($lib)) {
    return FALSE;