function drush_environment_table_lib

6.x drush_environment_table_lib()
5.x drush_environment_table_lib()
1 call to drush_environment_table_lib()
_drush_bootstrap_drush_validate in includes/
Validate that Drush is running in a suitable environment.


includes/, line 134
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_environment_table_lib() {
  // Try using the PEAR installed version of Console_Table.
  $tablefile = 'Console/Table.php';
  if (@file_get_contents($tablefile, FILE_USE_INCLUDE_PATH) === FALSE) {
    $lib = drush_get_option('lib', DRUSH_BASE_PATH . '/lib');
    $tablefile = $lib . '/Console_Table-' . DRUSH_TABLE_VERSION . '/Table.php';
    // If it is not already present, download Console Table.
    if (!drush_file_not_empty($tablefile)) {
      // Attempt to remove the old Console Table file, from the legacy location.
      // TODO: Remove this (and associated .git.ignore) in Drush 6.x.
      $tablefile_legacy = DRUSH_BASE_PATH . '/includes/';
      if (drush_file_not_empty($tablefile_legacy)) {
        drush_op('unlink', $tablefile_legacy);

      // Download and extract Console_Table, and confirm success.
      if (drush_lib_fetch(CONSOLE_TABLE_BASE_URL . DRUSH_TABLE_VERSION . '.tar.gz')) {
        // Remove unneccessary package.xml file which ends up in /lib.
        drush_op('unlink', $lib . '/package.xml');
      if (!drush_file_not_empty($tablefile)) {
        return drush_bootstrap_error('DRUSH_TABLES_LIB_NOT_FOUND', dt("Drush needs a copy of the PEAR Console_Table library in order to function, and the attempt to download this file automatically failed. To continue you will need to download the !version package from, extract it into !lib directory, such that Table.php exists at !tablefile.", array('!version' => DRUSH_TABLE_VERSION, '!tablefile' => $tablefile, '!lib' => $lib)));
  require_once $tablefile;