function drush_extension_check_incompatibility

8.0.x drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file)
6.x drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file)
7.x drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file)
4.x drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file)
5.x drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file)
master drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file)

Test compatibility of a extension with version of drupal core and php.


$file Extension object as returned by system_rebuild_module_data().:

Return value

FALSE if the extension is compatible.

1 call to drush_extension_check_incompatibility()
drush_pm_enable_validate in commands/pm/
Validate callback. Determine the modules and themes that the user would like enabled.


includes/, line 873
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_extension_check_incompatibility($file) {
  if (!isset($file->info['core']) || $file->info['core'] != DRUPAL_CORE_COMPATIBILITY) {
    return 'Drupal';
  if (version_compare(phpversion(), $file->info['php']) < 0) {
    return 'PHP';
  return FALSE;