function drush_find_drush

8.0.x drush_find_drush()
6.x drush_find_drush()
7.x drush_find_drush()
3.x drush_find_drush()
4.x drush_find_drush()
5.x drush_find_drush()
master drush_find_drush()

Determine a proper way to call drush again

This check if we were called directly or as an argument to some wrapper command (php and sudo are checked now).

Calling ./drush.php directly yields the following environment:

_SERVER["argv"][0] => ./drush.php

Calling php ./drush.php also yields the following:

_SERVER["argv"][0] => ./drush.php

Note that the $_ global is defined only in bash and therefore cannot be relied upon.

The DRUSH_COMMAND constant is initialised to the value of this function when is loaded.

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includes/, line 422
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_find_drush() {
  if ($drush = realpath($_SERVER['argv']['0'])) {
    return Path::canonicalize($drush);
  return FALSE;