function drush_is_local_host

8.0.x drush_is_local_host($host)
6.x drush_is_local_host($host)
7.x drush_is_local_host($host)
3.x drush_is_local_host($host)
4.x drush_is_local_host($host)
5.x drush_is_local_host($host)
master drush_is_local_host($host)

Make a determination whether or not the given host is local or not.


host: A hostname, 'localhost' or ''.

Return value

True if the host is local.

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includes/, line 1023
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_is_local_host($host) {
  // In order for this to work right, you must use 'localhost' or ''
  // or the machine returned by 'uname -n' for your 'remote-host' entry in
  // your site alias.  Note that sometimes 'uname -n' does not return the
  // correct value.  To fix it, put the correct hostname in /etc/hostname
  // and then run 'hostname -F /etc/hostname'.
  return ($host == 'localhost') || ($host == '') || ($host == php_uname('n'));