function drush_read_drush_info

8.0.x drush_read_drush_info()
6.x drush_read_drush_info()
7.x drush_read_drush_info()
3.x drush_read_drush_info()
4.x drush_read_drush_info()
5.x drush_read_drush_info()

Read the drush info file.

1 call to drush_read_drush_info()
drush_preflight_prepare in includes/
Prepare Drush for preflight.


includes/, line 604
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_read_drush_info() {
  $drush_info_file = dirname(__FILE__) . '/../';

  return parse_ini_file($drush_info_file);