function drush_server_home

8.0.x drush_server_home()
6.x drush_server_home()
7.x drush_server_home()
3.x drush_server_home()
4.x drush_server_home()
5.x drush_server_home()
master drush_server_home()
4 calls to drush_server_home()
drush_sitealias_alias_path in includes/
Return the array of paths where alias files are searched for.
pm_drush_pm_adjust_download_destination in commands/pm/
Built-in adjust-download-destination hook. This particular version of the hook will move modules that contain only drush commands to /usr/share/drush/commands if it exists, or $HOME/.drush if the site-wide location does not exist.
_drush_config_file in includes/
Return a list of possible drushrc file locations.
_drush_find_commandfiles in includes/


includes/, line 1087
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_server_home() {
  $home = NULL;
  // $_SERVER['HOME'] isn't set on windows and generates a Notice.
  if (!empty($_SERVER['HOME'])) {
    $home = $_SERVER['HOME'];
  elseif (!empty($_SERVER['HOMEDRIVE']) && !empty($_SERVER['HOMEPATH'])) {
    // home on windows
  return $home;