function drush_server_home

8.0.x drush_server_home()
6.x drush_server_home()
7.x drush_server_home()
3.x drush_server_home()
4.x drush_server_home()
5.x drush_server_home()
master drush_server_home()

Return the user's home directory.

6 calls to drush_server_home()
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includes/, line 649
Functions used by drush to query the environment and setting the current configuration.


function drush_server_home() {
  // Cannot use $_SERVER superglobal since that's empty during UnitUnishTestCase
  // getenv('HOME') isn't set on Windows and generates a Notice.
  $home = getenv('HOME');
  if (!empty($home)) {
    // home should never end with a trailing slash.
    $home = rtrim($home, '/');
  elseif (!empty($_SERVER['HOMEDRIVE']) && !empty($_SERVER['HOMEPATH'])) {
    // home on windows
    // If HOMEPATH is a root directory the path can end with a slash. Make sure
    // that doesn't happen.
    $home = rtrim($home, '\\/');
  return empty($home) ? NULL : $home;