function drush_escapeshellarg

8.0.x drush_escapeshellarg($arg, $os = NULL, $raw = FALSE)
6.x drush_escapeshellarg($arg, $os = NULL)
7.x drush_escapeshellarg($arg, $os = NULL, $raw = FALSE)
4.x drush_escapeshellarg($arg)
5.x drush_escapeshellarg($arg, $os = NULL)
master drush_escapeshellarg($arg, $os = NULL, $raw = FALSE)

Platform-dependent version of escapeshellarg(). Given the target platform, return an appropriately-escaped string. The target platform may be omitted for args that are /known/ to be for the local machine.

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includes/, line 318


function drush_escapeshellarg($arg, $os = NULL) {
  // Short-circuit escaping for simple params (keep stuff readable)
  if (preg_match('|^[a-zA-Z0-9.:/_-]*$|', $arg)) {
    return $arg;
  elseif (drush_is_windows($os)) {
    return _drush_escapeshellarg_windows($arg);
  else {
    return _drush_escapeshellarg_linux($arg);