function drush_shell_cd_and_exec

8.0.x drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd)
6.x drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd)
7.x drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd)
4.x drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd)
5.x drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd)
master drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd)

Executes a shell command at a new working directory. The old cwd is restored on exit.


$effective_wd: The new working directory to execute the shell command at.

$cmd: The command to execute. May include placeholders used for sprintf.

...: Values for the placeholders specified in $cmd. Each of these will be passed through escapeshellarg() to ensure they are safe to use on the command line.

Return value

TRUE on success, FALSE on failure

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includes/, line 56
Functions for executing system commands. (e.g. exec(), system(), ...).


function drush_shell_cd_and_exec($effective_wd, $cmd) {
  $args = func_get_args();

  $effective_wd = array_shift($args);
  $cwd = getcwd();
  drush_op('chdir', $effective_wd);
  $result = call_user_func_array('drush_shell_exec', $args);
  drush_op('chdir', $cwd);
  return $result;