function drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options

8.0.x drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options()
6.x drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options()
7.x drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options()
5.x drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options()
master drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options()

Used by definition of ssh and other commands that call into drush_shell_proc_build() to declare their options.

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Implementation of hook_drush_command().
ssh_drush_command in commands/core/


includes/, line 257
Functions for executing system commands. (e.g. exec(), system(), ...).


function drush_shell_exec_proc_build_options() {
  return array(
    'ssh-options' => 'A string of extra options that will be passed to the ssh command (e.g. "-p 100")',
    'tty' => 'Create a tty (e.g. to run an interactive program).',
    'escaped' => 'Command string already escaped; do not add additional quoting.',