17 calls to drush_delete_dir()

DrushFileCache::clear in includes/cache.inc
Expire data from the cache. If called without arguments, expirable entries will be cleared from all known cache bins.
DrushMakeProject::removeGitDirectory in commands/make/make.project.inc
Remove the .git directory from a project.
drush_core_pre_site_install in commands/core/site_install.drush.inc
Perform setup tasks for installation.
drush_delete_dir_contents in includes/filesystem.inc
Deletes the contents of a directory.
drush_delete_tmp_dir in includes/filesystem.inc
Deletes the provided file or folder and everything inside it. This function explicitely tries to delete read-only files / folders.
drush_pm_download in commands/pm/download.pm.inc
Command callback. Download Drupal core or any project.
drush_pm_updatecode_rollback in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Rollback the update process.
drush_sitealias_site_reset in commands/core/sitealias.drush.inc
Deletes the file that stores the DRUPAL_SITE variable for persistent site switching.
drush_sitealias_site_set in commands/core/sitealias.drush.inc
Set the DRUPAL_SITE variable by writing it out to a temporary file that we then source for persistent site switching.
make_clean_tmp in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Removes the temporary build directory. On failed builds, this is handled by drush_register_file_for_deletion().
make_download_bzr in commands/make/make.download.inc
Checks out a Bazaar repository to the specified download location.
make_download_file_unpack in commands/make/make.download.inc
Unpacks a file to the specified download location.
package_handler_download_project in commands/pm/package_handler/wget.inc
Download a project.
_drush_delete_registered_files in includes/filesystem.inc
Delete all of the registered temporary files.
_make_download_file_move in commands/make/make.download.inc
Move a downloaded and unpacked file or directory into place.
_pm_update_core in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Update drupal core, following interactive confirmation from the user.
_pm_update_move_files in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Move some files from one location to another.