function drush_tempnam

8.0.x drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL, $suffix = '')
6.x drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL, $suffix = '')
7.x drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL, $suffix = '')
3.x drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL)
4.x drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL)
5.x drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL, $suffix = '')
master drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL, $suffix = '')

Creates a temporary file, and registers it so that it will be deleted when drush exits. Whenever possible, drush_save_data_to_temp_file() should be used instead of this function.


string suffix: Append this suffix to the filename. Use of this parameter is discouraged as it can break the guarantee of tempname(). See Originally added to support Oracle driver.

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includes/, line 485
Filesystem utilities.


function drush_tempnam($pattern, $tmp_dir = NULL, $suffix = '') {
  if ($tmp_dir == NULL) {
    $tmp_dir = drush_find_tmp();
  $tmp_file = tempnam($tmp_dir, $pattern);
  $tmp_file_with_suffix = $tmp_file . $suffix;
  return $tmp_file . $suffix;