function drush_hide_empty_fields

8.0.x drush_hide_empty_fields($input, $fields)
6.x drush_hide_empty_fields($input, $fields)
7.x drush_hide_empty_fields($input, $fields)
master drush_hide_empty_fields($input, $fields)

Hide any fields that are empty

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includes/, line 494


function drush_hide_empty_fields($input, $fields) {
  $has_data = array();
  foreach ($input as $key => $data) {
    foreach ($fields as $field => $label) {
      if (isset($data[$field]) && !empty($data[$field])) {
        $has_data[$field] = TRUE;
  foreach ($fields as $field => $label) {
    if (!isset($has_data[$field])) {
  return $fields;