function drush_json_decode

8.0.x drush_json_decode($var)
6.x drush_json_decode($var)
7.x drush_json_decode($var)
4.x drush_json_decode($var)
5.x drush_json_decode($var)
master drush_json_decode($var)

Converts an HTML-safe JSON string into its PHP equivalent.

We provide a copy of D7's drupal_json_decode since this function is unavailable on earlier versions of Drupal.

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drush_cache_set_prepare_data in commands/core/
drush_value_format in includes/
JSONCache::readFile in lib/Drush/Cache/JSONCache.php
Returns the contents of the given filename unserialized.


includes/, line 755


function drush_json_decode($var) {
  return json_decode($var, TRUE);