function dt

8.0.x dt($string, $args = array())
6.x dt($string, $args = array())
7.x dt($string, $args = array())
3.x dt($string, $args = array())
4.x dt($string, $args = array())
5.x dt($string, $args = array())
master dt($string, $args = array())

Rudimentary replacement for Drupal API t() function.


string: String to process, possibly with replacement item.

array: An associative array of replacement items.

Return value

The processed string.

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includes/, line 145


function dt($string, $args = array()) {
  $output = NULL;
  if (function_exists('t') && drush_drupal_major_version() == ) {
    $output = t($string, $args);
  // The language system requires a working container which is built in DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_KERNEL phase.
  else if (drush_drupal_major_version() >=  && function_exists('drupal_get_bootstrap_phase') && drupal_get_bootstrap_phase() >= DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_KERNEL) {
    $output = t($string, $args);
  else if (function_exists('t') && drush_drupal_major_version() <=  && function_exists('theme')) {
    $output = t($string, $args);

  // If Drupal's t() function unavailable.
  if (!isset($output)) {
    if (!empty($args)) {
      $output = strtr($string, $args);
    else {
      $output = $string;
  return $output;