function _drush_preflight_alias_path

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During the initialization of Drush, this is the first step where we load our configuration and commandfiles, and select the site we are going to operate on; however, we take no irreversible actions (e.g. site bootstrapping). This allows commands that…


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Preflight, postflight and shutdown code.


function _drush_preflight_alias_path() {
  $alias_path = &drush_get_context('ALIAS_PATH');
  $default_prefix_configuration = drush_is_windows() ? getenv('ALLUSERSPROFILE') . '/Drush' : '';
  $site_wide_configuration_dir = drush_get_context('ETC_PREFIX', $default_prefix_configuration) . '/etc/drush';
  $alias_path[] = drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory($site_wide_configuration_dir);

  $alias_path[] = drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory(dirname(__FILE__) . '/..');

  $server_home = drush_server_home();
  if (isset($server_home)) {
    $alias_path[] = drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory($server_home . '/.drush');