6 calls to drush_preflight()

commandUnitCase::testCommandVersionSpecific in tests/commandUnitTest.php
Assure that matching version-specific command files are loaded and others are ignored.
commandUnitCase::testGetCommands in tests/commandUnitTest.php
Assert that $command has interesting properties. Reference command by it's alias (dl) to assure that those aliases are built as expected.
drush_main in includes/preflight.inc
The main Drush function.
outputFormatUnitCase::testOutputFormat in tests/outputFormatUnitTest.php
Test various output formats using php-eval with no Drupal site.
tablesUnitTest::setUp in tests/tablesUnitTest.php
xhUnitCase::testFlags in tests/xhUnitTest.php
Test various combinations of XHProf flag options.