function _drush_sitealias_set_record_element

8.0.x _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)
6.x _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)
7.x _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)
3.x _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)
4.x _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)
5.x _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)
master _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value)

Utility function used by drush_get_alias; keys that start with '%' or '!' are path aliases, the rest are entries in the alias record.

1 call to _drush_sitealias_set_record_element()
_drush_sitealias_get_record in includes/
This is a continuation of drush_sitealias_get_record, above. It is not intended to be called directly.


includes/, line 1304
The site alias API.


function _drush_sitealias_set_record_element(&$alias_record, $key, $value) {
  if ((substr($key, 0, 1) == '%') || (substr($key, 0, 1) == '!')) {
    $alias_record['path-aliases'][$key] = $value;
  elseif (!empty($key)) {
    $alias_record[$key] = $value;