function _drush_sitelist_check_site_records

8.0.x _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
6.x _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
7.x _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
3.x _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
4.x _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
5.x _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
master _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target)
2 calls to _drush_sitelist_check_site_records()
drush_sitealias_check_lists_alignment in includes/
Check to see if the uri is the same in the source and target lists for all items in the array. This is a strong requirement in D6; in D7, it is still highly convenient for the uri to be the same, because the site folder name == the uri, and if the…
_drush_sitelist_find_in_list in includes/


includes/, line 1124
The site alias API.


function _drush_sitelist_check_site_records($source, $target) {
  if ((array_key_exists('uri', $source)) && (array_key_exists('uri', $target)) && ($source['uri'] == $target['uri'])) {
    return TRUE;
  return FALSE;