function _drush_sitelist_find_in_list

8.0.x _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
6.x _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
7.x _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
3.x _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
4.x _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
5.x _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
master _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target)
1 call to _drush_sitelist_find_in_list()
drush_sitelist_align_lists in includes/
If the source and target lists contain alias records to the same sets of sites, but in different orders, this routine will re-order the lists so that they are in alignment.


includes/, line 1037
The site alias API.


function _drush_sitelist_find_in_list($one_source, &$target) {
  $result = FALSE;

  foreach ($target as $key => $one_target) {
    if (_drush_sitelist_check_site_records($one_source, $one_target)) {
      $result = $one_target;

  return $result;