28 calls to drush_sitealias_get_record()

BrowseCommands::browse in lib/Drush/CommandFiles/core/BrowseCommands.php
Display a link to a given path or open link in a browser.
drush_backend_invoke_concurrent in includes/backend.inc
Execute a new local or remote command in a new process.
drush_backend_output in includes/backend.inc
Print the json-encoded output of this command, including the encoded log records, context information, etc.
drush_core_execute in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Command callback. Execute specified shell code. Often used by shell aliases that start with !.
drush_core_pre_site_install in commands/core/site_install.drush.inc
Perform setup tasks for installation.
drush_early_complete in includes/complete.inc
Produce autocomplete output.
drush_get_runner in includes/sitealias.inc
Decide on which side to run a core-rsync.
drush_history_path_cli in commands/core/cli.drush.inc
Returns the file path for the CLI history.
drush_process_bootstrap_to_first_arg in includes/command.inc
Process the --bootstrap-to-first-arg option, if it is present.
drush_shell_alias_replace in includes/command.inc
Check if a shell alias exists for current request. If so, re-route to core-execute and pass alias value along with rest of CLI arguments.
drush_sitealias_bootstrapped_site_name in includes/sitealias.inc
Get the name of the current bootstrapped site
drush_sitealias_create_self_alias in includes/sitealias.inc
Check to see if a '@self' record was created during bootstrap. If not, make one now.
drush_sitealias_evaluate_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Evaluate a path from its shorthand form to a literal path usable by rsync.
drush_sitealias_is_bootstrapped_site in includes/sitealias.inc
Check to see if we have already bootstrapped to a site.
drush_sitealias_is_remote_site in includes/sitealias.inc
Determines whether a given site alias is for a remote site.
drush_sitealias_resolve_sitelist in includes/sitealias.inc
Given an alias record that is a site list (contains a 'site-list' entry), resolve all of the members of the site list and return them is an array of alias records.
drush_sitealias_resolve_sitespecs in includes/sitealias.inc
Given an array of site specifications, resolve each one in turn and return an array of alias records. If you only want a single record, it is preferable to simply call drush_sitealias_get_record() directly.
drush_sqlsync_sql_sync in commands/sql/sqlsync.drush.inc
drush_sqlsync_sql_sync_validate in commands/sql/sqlsync.drush.inc
drush_sql_sync_init in commands/sql/sqlsync.drush.inc
drush_ssh_site_ssh in commands/core/ssh.drush.inc
Command callback.
policy_drush_sitealias_alter in examples/policy.drush.inc
Implements hook_drush_sitealias_alter
sql_drush_sql_sync_sanitize in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Implements hook_drush_sql_sync_sanitize().
_drush_sitealias_add_inherited_values_to_record in includes/sitealias.inc
_drush_sitealias_get_record in includes/sitealias.inc
This is a continuation of drush_sitealias_get_record, above. It is not intended to be called directly.
_drush_sitealias_initialize_alias_record in includes/sitealias.inc
Initialize an alias record; called as soon as the alias record is loaded from its alias file, before it is stored in the cache.
_drush_sitealias_preflight_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Call prior to drush_sitealias_evaluate_path to insure that any site-specific aliases associated with any local site in $path are defined.
_drush_sitealias_set_context_by_name in includes/sitealias.inc
Looks up the specified alias record and calls through to drush_sitealias_set_alias_context, below.