7 calls to drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir()

drush_sitealias_alias_record_to_spec in includes/sitealias.inc
Convert from an alias record to a site specification
drush_sitealias_get_record in includes/sitealias.inc
Get a site alias record given an alias name or site specification.
drush_sitealias_local_site_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Return the full path to the site directory of the given alias record.
_drush_sitealias_add_transient_defaults in includes/sitealias.inc
Add "transient" default values to the given alias record. The difference between a static default and a transient default is that static defaults -always- exist in the alias record, whereas transient defaults are only added if the given…
_drush_sitealias_find_record_for_local_site in includes/sitealias.inc
If '$alias' is the name of a folder in the sites folder of the given drupal root, then build an alias record for it
_drush_sitealias_print_record in commands/core/sitealias.drush.inc
Given a site alias name, print out a php-syntax representation of it.
_drush_sitealias_site_list in commands/core/sitealias.drush.inc
Return a list of all of the local sites at the current drupal root.