function drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory

8.0.x drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory($dir)
master drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory($dir)

If there is a directory 'site-aliases' in the specified search location, then search ONLY in that directory for aliases. Otherwise, search anywhere inside the specified directory for aliases.

2 calls to drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory()
drush_sitealias_alias_path in includes/
Return the array of paths where alias files are searched for.
_drush_preflight_alias_path in includes/


includes/, line 432
The site alias API.


function drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory($dir) {
  $potential_location = $dir . '/site-aliases';
  if (is_dir($potential_location)) {
    return $potential_location;
  return $dir;