function drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys

8.0.x drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
6.x drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
7.x drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
3.x drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
4.x drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
5.x drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
master drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()

Option keys used for site selection.

2 calls to drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()
drush_redispatch_get_options in includes/
Get the options that were passed to the current command.
_drush_backend_classify_options in includes/
Take all of the values in the $command_options array, and place each of them into one of the following result arrays:


includes/, line 2019
The site alias API.


function drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys() {
  return array(