function drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir

8.0.x drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri, $site_root = NULL)
6.x drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri)
7.x drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri, $site_root = NULL)
3.x drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri)
4.x drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri)
5.x drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri)
master drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri, $site_root = NULL)

Convert from a URI to a site directory.


uri: A uri, such as

Return value

string A directory, such as

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includes/, line 1525
The site alias API.


function drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir($uri) {
  $uri = str_replace('http://', '', $uri);
  if (drush_is_windows()) {
    // Handle absolute paths on windows
    $uri = str_replace(array(':/', ':\\'), array('.', '.'), $uri);

  $hostname = str_replace(array('/', ':', '\\'), array('.', '.', '.'), $uri);

  // Check sites.php mappings
  $site_dir = drush_site_dir_lookup_from_hostname($hostname);

  return $site_dir ? $site_dir : $hostname;