19 calls to drush_escapeshellarg()

drush_build_drush_command in includes/environment.inc
Build a drush command suitable for use for Drush to call itself e.g. in backend_invoke.
drush_core_execute in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Command callback. Execute specified shell code. Often used by shell aliases that start with !.
drush_remote_host in includes/exec.inc
Determine the remote host (username@hostname.tld) for the specified site.
drush_set_environment_vars in includes/environment.inc
Set Env. Variables for given site-alias.
drush_shell_proc_build in includes/exec.inc
Build an SSH string including an optional fragment of bash. Commands that use this should also merge drush_shell_proc_build_options() into their command options.
drush_sitealias_evaluate_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Evaluate a path from its shorthand form to a literal path usable by rsync.
drush_ssh_site_ssh in commands/core/ssh.drush.inc
Command callback.
drush_startup in includes/startup.inc
drush_startup is called once, by the Drush "finder" script -- the "drush" script at the Drush root. It finds the correct Drush "wrapper" or "launcher" script to use, and executes it with process replacement.
drush_start_browser in includes/exec.inc
Starts a background browser/tab for the current site or a specified URL.
drush_wrap_with_quotes in includes/exec.inc
Make an attempt to simply wrap the arg with the kind of quote characters it does not already contain. If it contains both kinds, then this function reverts to drush_escapeshellarg.
make_download_git in commands/make/make.download.inc
Checks out a git repository to the specified download location.
package_handler_download_project in commands/pm/package_handler/git_drupalorg.inc
Download a project.
SqlBase::dump in lib/Drush/Sql/SqlBase.php
SqlBase::params_to_options in lib/Drush/Sql/SqlBase.php
SqlBase::query in lib/Drush/Sql/SqlBase.php
Execute a SQL query.
_drush_backend_generate_command in includes/backend.inc
Generate a command to execute.
_drush_core_execute_cmd in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Helper function for drush_core_execute: run one shell command
_drush_escape_option in includes/backend.inc
Return a properly formatted and escaped command line option
_drush_shell_exec in includes/exec.inc
Internal function: executes a shell command on the local machine. This function should not be used in instances where ssh is utilized to execute a command remotely; otherwise, remote operations would fail if executed from a Windows machine to a…