function drush_env

8.0.x drush_env()
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Get the current enviornment.

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drush_startup in includes/
drush_startup is called once, by the Drush "finder" script -- the "drush" script at the Drush root. It finds the correct Drush "wrapper" or "launcher" script to use, and executes it with process replacement.


includes/, line 15
Functions used when Drush is starting up.


function drush_env() {
  // Fetch the current environment.  To ensure that
  // $_ENV is correctly populated, make sure that
  // the value of 'variables-order' in your php.ini
  // contains "E" ("Environment").  See:
  $env = $_ENV;

  // If PHP is not configured correctly, $_ENV will be
  // empty.  Drush counts on the fact that environment
  // variables will always be available, though, so we
  // need to repair this situation.  We can always access
  // individual environmnet values via getenv(); however,
  // there is no PHP API that will tell us all of the
  // available values, so we will get the environment
  // variable values using 'printenv'.
  if (empty($env)) {
    exec('printenv', $env_items);
    foreach ($env_items as $item) {
      // Each $item is 'key=value' or just 'key'.
      // If $item has no value, then explode will return
      // a single array, [0 => 'key'].  We add a default
      // value of [1 => 'value'] to cover this case.  If
      // explode returns two items, the default value is ignored.
      list($key, $value) = explode('=', $item, 2) + array(1 => '');
      $env[$key] = $value;

  return $env;