function DrupalBoot::bootstrap_drupal_database_has_table

8.0.x DrupalBoot.php DrupalBoot::bootstrap_drupal_database_has_table($required_tables)
7.x DrupalBoot.php DrupalBoot::bootstrap_drupal_database_has_table($required_tables)
master DrupalBoot.php DrupalBoot::bootstrap_drupal_database_has_table($required_tables)

Test to see if the Drupal database has a specified table or tables.

This is a bootstrap helper function designed to be called from the bootstrap_drupal_database_validate() methods of derived DrupalBoot classes. If a database exists, but is empty, then the Drupal database bootstrap will fail. To prevent this situation, we test for some table that is needed in an ordinary bootstrap, and return FALSE from the validate function if it does not exist, so that we do not attempt to start the database bootstrap.

Note that we must manually do our own prefix testing here, because the existing wrappers we have for handling prefixes depend on bootstrapping to the "database" phase, and therefore are not available to validate this same phase.


$required_tables: Array of table names, or string with one table name

Return value

TRUE if all tables in input parameter exist in the database.


lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot.php, line 480






function bootstrap_drupal_database_has_table($required_tables) {
  try {
    $sql = drush_sql_get_class();
    $spec = $sql->db_spec();
    $prefix = isset($spec['prefix']) ? $spec['prefix'] : NULL;
    if (!is_array($prefix)) {
      $prefix = array('default' => $prefix);
    $tables = $sql->listTables();
    foreach ((array) $required_tables as $required_table) {
      $prefix_key = array_key_exists($required_table, $prefix) ? $required_table : 'default';
      if (!in_array($prefix[$prefix_key] . $required_table, $tables)) {
        return FALSE;
  catch (Exception $e) {
    // Usually the checks above should return a result without
    // throwing an exception, but we'll catch any that are
    // thrown just in case.
    return FALSE;
  return TRUE;