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InitCommandFile::bashAddition protected function
InitCommandFile::findBashrc protected function Determine which .bashrc file is best to use on this platform.
InitCommandFile::findPathToDrush protected function Determine where Drush is located, so that we can add that location to the $PATH
InitCommandFile::initializeDrush public function Initialize local Drush configuration


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class InitCommandFile extends \Robo\Tasks {
   * Initialize local Drush configuration
   * @command core-init
   * @todo: @global-options
   * @description Enrich the bash startup file with completion and aliases.
   * @option $edit Open the new config file in an editor.
   * @option $add-path Always add Drush to the \$PATH in the user's .bashrc
   *   file, even if it is already in the \$PATH. Use --no-add-path to skip
   *   updating .bashrc with the Drush \$PATH. Default is to update .bashrc
   *   only if Drush is not already in the \$PATH.
   * @aliases init
   * @usage core-init --edit
   *   Enrich Bash and open drush config file in editor.
   * @usage core-init --edit --bg
   *   Return to shell prompt as soon as the editor window opens
  public function initializeDrush($options =['edit' '' 'add-path' '']) {
    $home = drush_server_home();
    $drush_config_dir = $home . "/.drush";
    $drush_config_file = $drush_config_dir . "/drushrc.php";
    $drush_bashrc = $drush_config_dir . "/drush.bashrc";
    $drush_prompt = $drush_config_dir . "/";
    $drush_complete = $drush_config_dir . "/";
    $examples_dir = DRUSH_BASE_PATH . "/examples";
    $example_configuration = $examples_dir . "/example.drushrc.php";
    $example_bashrc = $examples_dir . "/example.bashrc";
    $example_prompt = $examples_dir . "/";
    $example_complete = DRUSH_BASE_PATH . "/";

    $collection = $this->collectionBuilder();

    // Create a ~/.drush directory if it does not yet exist

    // If there is no ~/.drush/drushrc.php, then copy the
    // example Drush configuration file here
    if (!is_file($drush_config_file)) {

    // Decide whether we want to add our Bash commands to
    // ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile, and create a task to
    // update it with includes of the various files we write,
    // as needed.  If it is, then we will add it to the collection.
    $bashrc = $this->findBashrc($home);
    $taskUpdateBashrc = $this->taskWriteToFile($bashrc)->append();

    // List of Drush bash configuration files, and
    // their source templates.
    $drushBashFiles =[$drush_bashrc $example_bashrc $drush_complete $example_complete $drush_prompt $example_prompt];

    // Mapping from Drush bash configuration files
    // to a description of what each one is.
    $drushBashFileDescriptions =[$drush_bashrc 'Drush bash customizations' $drush_complete 'Drush completion' $drush_prompt 'Drush prompt customizations'];

    foreach ($drushBashFiles as $destFile => $sourceFile) {
      // If the destination file does not exist, then
      // copy the example file there.
      if (!is_file($destFile)) {
        $description = $drushBashFileDescriptions[$destFile];
        $collection->progressMessage('Copied {description} to {path}', ['description' $description 'path' $destFile], LogLevel::OK);
        $pattern = basename($destFile);
        $taskUpdateBashrc->appendUnlessMatches("#$pattern#", "# Include $description.\n" . $this->bashAddition($destFile));

    // If Drush is not in the $PATH, then figure out which
    // path to add so that Drush can be found globally.
    $add_path = $options['add-path'];
    if ((!drush_which("drush") || $add_path) && ($add_path !== FALSE)) {
      $drush_path = $this->findPathToDrush();
      $drush_path = preg_replace("%^" . preg_quote($home) . "/%", '$HOME/', $drush_path);
      $pattern = "$drush_path";
      $taskUpdateBashrc->appendUnlessMatches("#$pattern#", "# Path to Drush, added by 'drush init'.\nexport PATH=\"\$PATH:$drush_path\"\n\n");

    $openEditor = FALSE;
    if ($taskUpdateBashrc->wouldChange()) {
      if (drush_confirm(dt("Modify !file to include Drush configuration files?", array('!file' => $bashrc)))) {
        $collection->progressMessage('Updated bash configuration file {path}', ['path' $bashrc], LogLevel::OK);
        $collection->progressMessage('Start a new shell in order to experience the improvements (e.g. `{shell}`).', ['shell' 'bash'], LogLevel::OK);
        $openEditor = $options['edit'];
      else {
        return drush_user_abort();
    else {
      $collection->progressMessage('No code added to {path}', ['path' $bashrc]);
    $result = $collection->run();

    if ($result->wasSuccessful() && $openEditor) {
      $exec = drush_get_editor();
      drush_shell_exec_interactive($exec, $drush_config_file, $drush_config_file);

    return $result;

   * Determine which .bashrc file is best to use on this platform.
  protected function findBashrc($home) {
    return $home . "/.bashrc";

   * Determine where Drush is located, so that we can add
   * that location to the $PATH
  protected function findPathToDrush() {
    // First test: is Drush inside a vendor directory?
    // Does vendor/bin exist?  If so, use that.  We do
    // not have a good way to locate the 'bin' directory
    // if it has been relocated in the composer.json config
    // section.
    if ($vendor_pos = strpos(DRUSH_BASE_PATH, "/vendor/")) {
      $vendor_dir = substr(DRUSH_BASE_PATH, 0, $vendor_pos + 7);
      $vendor_bin = $vendor_dir . '/bin';
      if (is_dir($vendor_bin)) {
        return $vendor_bin;

    // Fallback is to use the directory that Drush is in.
    return DRUSH_BASE_PATH;

  protected function bashAddition($file) {
    return <<<EOD
if [ -f "$file" ] ; then
  source $file