class CoreExtensionFilter

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This filter adjusts the data going to and coming from the core.extension configuration object.

Modules named in this list are ignored during config-import and config-export operations. What this means in practical terms is:

  • During a 'read' operation, if a named module is enabled in the active configuration, then it will remain enabled after the import. If it is disabled in the active configuration, then it will remain disabled. The value from the data being imported is ignored.
  • During a 'write' operation, if a named module is enabled in the configuration already written out on the target storage object, then it will remain enabled. If it is disabled in the previously-exported data, then it will remain disabled. If there is no existing export (first-time export), then all of the named modules will be excluded (disabled) from the export. The current enabled / disabled state of the module in the active configuration is ignored.

The data from core.extension looks like this:

module: modulename: weight theme: themename: weight

The "adjustments" lists is just an array where the values are the module names to exclude from import / export, as described above.




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Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
CoreExtensionFilter::$adjustments protected property
CoreExtensionFilter::filterOutIgnored protected function
CoreExtensionFilter::filterRead public function Filters configuration data after it is read from storage. Overrides StorageFilter::filterRead
CoreExtensionFilter::filterWrite public function Filter configuration data before it is written to storage. Overrides StorageFilter::filterWrite
CoreExtensionFilter::__construct function


lib/Drush/Config/CoreExtensionFilter.php, line 45
Definition of Drush\Config\StorageFilter.

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class CoreExtensionFilter implements StorageFilter {

  protected $adjustments;

  function __construct($adjustments = array()) {
    $this->adjustments = $adjustments;

  public function filterRead($name, $data) {
    if ($name != 'core.extension') {
      return $data;
    $active_storage = \Drupal::service('');
    return $this->filterOutIgnored($data, $active_storage->read($name));

  public function filterWrite($name, array $data, StorageInterface $storage) {
    if ($name != 'core.extension') {
      return $data;
    $originalData = $storage->read($name);
    return $this->filterOutIgnored($data, $storage->read($name));

  protected function filterOutIgnored($data, $originalData) {
    foreach ($this->adjustments as $module) {
      if (is_array($originalData) && array_key_exists($module, $originalData['module'])) {
        $data['module'][$module] = $originalData['module'][$module];
      else {
    return $data;

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